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Veronica Thee Service Awards

Are you a graduating senior in high school who volunteers in your community or school?  
Do see challenges instead of obstacles?  
Hope instead of despair? 

If you are a young woman who believes in the power of volunteer action, then you may be eligible to win a Soroptimist Veronica Thee Award.

Soroptimist Veronica Thee Service Awards – honoring young women for volunteer Service – recognizes young women who make the community and  world a better place through volunteer efforts.  


If you think you would make a good Veronica Thee Service Awards  candidate, please complete this application and tell us about your  volunteer efforts. 


Send it to the local Soroptimist club listed on the application. Good luck! 


And even if you don’t win a Veronica Thee Service Award, we applaud your efforts to make your community and the world a  better place.


The Veronica Thee Service Awards recognizes young women who  make the community and world a better place through volunteer efforts  such as: fighting drugs, crime and violence; cleaning up the  environment; and working to end discrimination and poverty. Volunteer  actions that benefit women or girls are of particular interest.   


Soroptimist International is an organization of women  whose members volunteer in their communities, often working on the same  problems that you do. Although we realize that volunteering is its own  reward, we also know it feels good to be recognized for your actions.  And that’s why we sponsor this award.  

    Who Was Veronica Thee?

Veronica Thee had a happy childhood growing up in beautiful  Pennsylvania. Early in her life, she was a nun before she married and had children.  


She was married to her husband, Bill, for 49 years. Mrs. Thee home-schooled, cooked, sewed her children’s clothing, gardened, canned, and was a member of many organizations.  


She was also the co-owner of Dessert Treasures, a food packaging business in Alhambra. Mrs. Thee was  known as the “smiling lady” and had an open heart and loving spirit. She  took pride in being a Soroptmist for 40+ years. In 1967, Mrs. Thee and Anne Henderson were co-chairs of the Alhambra Day Nursery Carnival which was successful in raising $4,860 for raising for the new building. She also chaired the "Roaring Twenties" fashion show. It was dubbed in the newspaper as the "Fashion Show to End All Fashion Shows." Mrs. Thee also headed up the Violet Richardson Awards for high school girls for their outstanding community service. After Mrs. Thee passed away, the awards were named in her honor.


She enjoyed attending meetings, the friendships she made, and knowing that Soroptimist made a difference.






1968: (L-R) Dr. Annie Siu and Dr. Grace Bell install Veronica Thee as President of the club.


1968: Veronica Thee with daughter, Kathy, modeling a dress from the 20s for the fashion show.

1968: (L-R) Veronica Thee and Ann Henderson. Almost every major club or organization within Alhambra, Monterey Park, and San Gabriel participated in the Carnival.


1968: Veronica Thee and Louise Morris a the Carnival.


1968: Caroline Chipman, 5, shows her happiness at prospect of a new building as she helps Veronica Thee, beside her, and Ann Henderson, right, present check to Mrs. Earl Walsh of Alhambra Day Nursery board.

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